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Dewsoft Network Marketing Plan | Dewsoft Education

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Dewsoft is an indian network marketing company, also known as Dewsoft Overseas or Dewsoft Education. This company is also present in the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies of India.

In this post, I have given complete details about Dewsoft history, network marketing plan, products, and income plan.

Many network marketing companies in India are using binary plans and Dewsoft Overseas is one of them.

There is a question in the mind of many people, whether to join Dewsoft or not? This is a complete article on this question, in which we will know about this company working on a binary plan.

Network marketing is the best opportunity to become successful. But it is necessary to select a good company.

What is Dewsoft Overseas(Dewsoft education)?

Dewsoft is an Indian network marketing company whose founder name is Mr. Rishi Sahdev. This company is registered under MCA by the name Planet Dewsoft Private Limited. It was registered from Delhi in June 2015.

Every direct selling company has its own product or service, which it further sells through its direct seller. Dewsoft has its own courses, which are available as packages, which we will talk about later.

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Dewsoft network marketing company profile

Company NamePlanet Dewsoft Private Limited
Registration Date09 June 2015
Head OfficeNEW DELHI

Dewsoft network marketing plan

Anyone can join Dewsoft as a Direct Seller (Distributor). When joining, everyone has to buy its course, which costs Rs 9,500.

After that you have to recruit in it, that is, add new people from the company to your downline, from which you get a commission.

Remember, people buy Dewsoft courses while joining in downline, only then we will get some commission on their joining.

We understand in Dewsoft Income Plan about how and how much this commission will be.

Dewsoft Income Plan

There are three types of income provided by Dewsoft Overseas, which are as follows…

1. Incentive Income

The name of the first income given by Dewsoft is Incentive Income.

In this, income is provided according to the sale of the product.

On the chart given below, you can see how much income is provided by the company on selling how many products.

3₹ 2,000
6₹ 3,500
9₹ 3,000
9₹ 3,000
9₹ 4,000
9₹ 4,000
5₹ 10,500

On the sale of the first three products, Rs 2,000 is given by the company as Incentive Income. Similarly Rs.3,500 on next 6 sales and when 50 sales are completed in downline, your total commission is Rs.30,000.

If there are 50 sales in the downline, it is called 1 Mile. After completing 1 Mile, income is given as per the chart below.

3₹ 3,500
6₹ 3,500
9₹ 3,500
9₹ 4,000
9₹ 4,000
9₹ 4,000
5₹ 11,000

Now after completing 1 Mile, 3500 rupees are given by the company as Incentive Income on the sale of three products.

2. Travel Achievement

To achieve Travel Achievement Income, certain conditions have to be fulfilled, which are set by the company every year.

Under this income, the company takes some qualified direct sellers on trips to the country and abroad.

3. Royalty Income

The name of the third type of income given by Dewsoft is Royalty Income.

To get this income, it is necessary to be at the Diplomat level in the company and there are some conditions to achieve each level.

Under this income, some percentage of the total purchases of 1 year is provided by Dewsoft as Royalty Income.

Through the chart given below, you can see at which level what percentage of Royalty Income is provided by the company.

LevelRoyalty Income
Star Ambassador3%
Crown Ambassador3%
Crown Jewel3%

Dewsoft Products

Dewsoft Products

There are many courses available in the Dewsoft product list, which are mainly categorized into 4 categories.

  • Personal Development
  • Hard Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Social Skills

The amount (Rs 9,500) you will pay while joining Dewsoft is the cost of these courses. Which is undoubtedly a lot, whereas today you can learn all these skills for free on the Internet or YouTube.

If all you need is courses, all the courses on a platform like Udemy are available at a very low cost and some are created by top teachers.

So by product, Dewsoft is left behind. Apart from this, online service has also been banned in the Center Direct Selling Guidelines and something similar is seen in the Maharashtra State Direct Selling Guidelines also.

Therefore Dewsoft is far behind in comparison to other direct selling companies according to its product.

Dewsoft network marketing Review

Our review on Dewsoft Overseas is completely negative.

Dewsoft runs a binary plan with the package. Dewsoft’s plan is to some extent similar to eBiz, which has been closed after working for 20 years, in which millions of people’s money has been drowned in crores.

Dewsoft’s Binary Plan is very easy to understand and explain. But the money that the direct seller gives for the course is many times more than the actual price and goes in vain.

In Dewsoft, there is only money circulation in the name of course buying and selling and its plan proves to be a pyramid scheme, which is not beneficial for the direct seller in the long run.


How much does it cost to join Dewsoft Overseas?

Due to the Direct Selling Guidelines, there is no longer any joining fee for any MLM company including Dewsoft Overseas. But now there is a need to buy a product, you can start by buying a package of Rs 9,500 at Dewsoft Overseas.

What are the requirements to join Dewsoft Overseas?

To join Dewsoft Overseas, you need to have Aadhar card. If you are under the age of 18, you can provide parental information. Apart from this, the information of PAN-card and bank account will have to be given to Dewsoft Overseas.

How much will be the income from Devsoft?

As soon as a person sells a product of Dewsoft, he gets an incentive from Dewsoft and the same income is there.

Are Dewsoft Overseas Company Fraud?

No, Dewsoft Overseas is a certified network marketing company, but it doesn’t future proof it.

What is Devsoft Education?

Dewsoft Education is a portal for these, where you can see the courses purchased from Dewsoft.

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