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DNRS Network Marketing Plan

DNRS Network Marketing Plan & Products

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In this article, we are going to talk about DNRS network marketing plan. DNRS is a product based direct selling company.

So let’s know, in detail about DNRS company profile, income plan and product. Lastly, I will also review my DNRS network marketing plan.

Registration Date28 June 2016
Head officePune, Maharashtra

DNRS is popularly known as Network Marketing Company. It is registered under MCA from Pune on June, 2016.

Any person can join the DNRS network marketing plan as a direct seller, which can also be called a distributor or a member.

But while connecting to DNRS, it is necessary to buy its products.

There are 2 product packages prescribed by DNRS and one can become a direct seller of the company by purchasing one of them.

DNRS has earmarked the first package of Rs 4000, in which the company’s own products are available, which are protein powder and green tea.

Similarly, in the second product package, two products and some other company’s FMCG products are given. The total price of the second product package is Rs 5500.

Those who buy a package of Rs 4000 can complete the purchase of Rs 5500 within 1 year by paying Rs 1500 more.

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DNRS Network Marketing Plan

DNRS company provides total 3 types of income in its network marketing plan, which are as follows…

  1. First Purchase Income
  2. Repurchase Income
  3. Rewards and Awards Income

So, let us understand the above-given three incomes in detail.

1. First Purchase Income

DNRS provides income on recruitment, that is, adding new direct sellers to your downline.

Before understanding this income, we should understand about 2 types of ID, whose name is Offer ID and Paid ID.

Those who make direct sellers in the multiples of 3 in 1 month, their ID is called Offer ID and ID other than Offer ID is called Paid ID. That is, the Direct ID, Offer ID, and other Paid IDs coming every month at 3,6,9,12…

1000 rupees are available on adding every Offer ID and 100 rupees on Paid ID, adding means to buy the company’s package from the new downline.

This income is available up to Level 7 and the principle with Offer ID is limited to Direct Downline only i.e. Level 1.

From the table given below, you can understand how much money is available on new joining at which level.

Downline levelCommission
1Rs 1000 (On Offer ID), Rs 100 (On Paid ID)
260 rupees
360 rupees
460 rupees
540 rupees
640 rupees
740 rupees

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2. Repurchase Income

It is known from the name of this income, that this income is available on repurchase (repurchase) of the downline.

If someone does repurchase in 7 level downline, then some percentage of repurchase is given as income. This percentage varies with each downline level.

From the chart below, you can see what percentage of repurchase income is provided by the company at which level of downline repurchase.

Downline levelCommission

3. Rank And Rewards Income

Some additional gifts are provided by the company in the form of this income and in order to get it, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions.

There are some levels of DNRS, on achieving them this income is given.

Note: It is necessary to make 6 direct downlines to get each level and this work has to be done in any 1 month and this work has to be done till the silver reaches the executive level.
 After reaching Silver Executive level there is no need to create 6 direct downlines to achieve another level in 1 month.

1. Silver Executive

To achieve this level, a team of 12 people has to be formed, out of which it is necessary to do 6 direct downlines in a single month.

On fulfilling this condition, a cash voucher for Rs 3000 and 2 watches is provided as a gift.

2. Gold Executive

To achieve this level, an additional 20 new direct sellers have to be added to the team in any one month.

In the calculation of these 20 additional direct sellers, those with Offer ID are not counted, that is, additional 20 people should be from Paid ID’s downline only.

And on fulfilling this condition, a cash voucher of Rs 3000 and a cash gift of Rs 5000 is provided by the company.

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3. Prospective Gold

When any direct seller in the downline comes to the Gold Executive level, then the title of Prospective Gold is given by the company.

In this income, except the leg of Gold Executive, the first 10 downlines coming in the other leg get 1500 rupees. But if someone else becomes Gold Executive in downline before bringing a new 10 downlines, then Rs 1500 per downline is not available.

4. Gold Creator

To achieve this level, 2 direct Gold Executives have to be made in any one month.

On becoming a Gold Creator, Rs 20,000 is available as fixed income.

Apart from this, you can also take a foreign tour (of Rs 30,000) or cash of Rs 20,000, for which 10 Paid ID has to be attached from the other leg.

5. Platinum Executive

To become a Platinum Executive, one has to do 25 Paid ID in any 2 direct legs and 25 Paid ID in any one month by combining all other legs.

On attaining this level, a fixed income of Rs 60,000 is provided.

To get extra money from fixed income, you have to add more people to your other direct leg like Gold Creator. In which you can get Rs 2,000 per ID on the first 10 Paid ID.

If you have more than 10 Paid ID, you can take a maximum of Rs 20,000 by the company, or you can go for the company’s foreign tour.

6. Ruby Executive

To achieve this level, it is necessary to create a team of direct sellers with a new 90-90 Paid ID in any two direct legs in a month.

On doing this work, a fixed income of Rs 80,000 and a foreign tour of Rs 30,000 is provided, out of which you can take a foreign tour or any one of Rs 30,000.

7. Emerald Executive

To get this level, you have to create a team of direct sellers with new 250-250 Paid IDs in two direct legs in a month.

And on fulfilling this condition, one gets a fixed income of Rs. 1,20,000 and foreign tour worth Rs. 30,000.

8. Diamond Executive

To achieve this level in the company, a team of direct sellers with a new 550-550 Paid ID has to be formed in any 1 month in 2 direct legs.

And upon completion of this work, the company would provide a fixed income of Rs 2,50,000 and a foreign tour worth Rs 30,000.

9. Crown Diamond

This level is considered to be the top level of the company and to get this level a team of direct sellers with 1,000-1,000 Paid ID has to be formed in any 2 direct legs.

On achieving this level, the company provides a fixed income of Rs 4,00,000 and a foreign tour worth Rs 30,000.

After reaching this level, the company pays a royalty bonus, which is 2% of the total purchases of the downline.

And if you maintain the Crown Diamond Level for 3 months, a Mercedes Benz Car is given as a gift by the company.

Note: You can get additional fixed income by becoming downline of Ruby Executive, Emerald Executive, Diamond Executive, and Crown Diamond Executive level in another direct leg.

Additional fixed income can be availed up to a maximum of 19 Paid IDs (Rs 2000 per ID).

But remember, getting to this level is not an easy task, for this a network of thousands and millions of people will have to be created in the downline.

DNRS network marketing Products

The product list of DNRS is not as big as other popular direct selling companies like Vestige, Modicare, RCM etc., although this company is new to them.

DNRS has some personal care, wellness and agriculture products. But the price of its product is much higher than the market.

Also, according to its product packaging, a premium is not charged.

Another thing that is different in DNRS is that it uses the company’s products from other markets. Whereas usually, direct selling companies sell their own labeling products.

DNRS network marketing Review

The income plan of DNRS is very simple, in this, the first two incomes (First Purchase Income and Repurchase Income) are definitely from 7 levels. Which does not require any major calculations.

To join it, you have to buy a product package. The package of Rs 4000 contains green tea and supplements, which of course is quite expensive.

On top of that, DNRS also gives other company’s products to the distributor.

The direct selling concept is used for the promotion and description of the products of the companies. But something opposite is happening here.

DNRS is using products from other markets to run its plan. The same products are also very expensive, which I do not find economical to buy.

So personally I would not recommend joining DNRS, especially when there are many better companies out there in the direct selling industry.


How much does it cost to join DNRS network marketing?

Due to the Direct Selling Guidelines, now there is no fee to join any MLM company including DNRS. But now there is a need to buy the product, minimum of Rs 4000 will have to be taken from DNRS initially.

What are the requirements to join DNRS network marketing?

To join DNRS, you must have an Aadhar card. If you are under the age of 18, you can provide parental information. Apart from this, PAN card and bank account information will have to be given to DNRS.

Can DNRS products be returned?

Yes, DNRS products can be returned within 15 days and money can be refunded from the company. But the products purchased from DNRS should be in the return stage i.e. packed.

Do people have to be added to DNRS?

Yes, in DNRS you have to add people. Then you get a commission in it.

Is it necessary to buy a product from DNRS?

Yes, it is necessary to buy its products to work as a distributor in DNRS.

How much money can I earn from DNRS?

How much money you can earn from DNRS, completely depends on you, how big and active your team is. Otherwise, it usually takes 3 to 4 years of continuous hard work to be successful in an MLM company like DNRS, only after that there is a possibility of a good income. The success rate of MLM is only 0.04%.

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