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IMC Network Marketing Plan

IMC Network Marketing Plan & Products

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IMC Network Marketing Plan: In today’s article, we are going to talk about International Marketing Corporation Private Limited Company, which is also known as IMC Business or IMC. IMC Shree Tulsi is their popular product, whose advertisement you may have seen on TV as well.

IMC Network Marketing Company has been expanding its expansion for the last few years and has been making many promises related to health. In this article, I have also talked about some major questions related to IMC Network Marketing Company.

What is IMC?

IMC is Network Marketing Company and IMC is also known as IMC Business. The full form of IMC is “International Marketing Corporation”.

IMC was started in 2007, with Ashok Bhatia as its Chairman and Satyan Bhatia as Managing Director. The head office of IMC is at Ludhiana, Punjab.

IMC is an MLM (Direct Selling Company) based on health, personal and home care products. IMC is also a member company of IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association).

Company NameIMC (International Marketing Corporation Private Limited)
DirectorsAshok Bhatia, Satyan Bhatia
Registration Date31 December 2013
WebsiHead officeLudhiana, Punjab

IMC Network marketing plan

Talking about the network marketing plan of IMC, then any person can join it as a distributor / direct seller. Which is also called here Associates.

Every Direct Seller has to perform 2 main tasks.

  1. The company’s products have to be bought and sold further.
  2. You have to add new people to your network.

Different income is provided at different levels in IMC. In this, all the including funds together have 17 income.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Accumulative Performance Incentive
  3. Leadership Bonus
  4. Travelling Fund
  5. Bike Fund
  6. Car Fund
  7. House Fund
  8. Chairman Star Fund
  9. Ambassador Star Fund
  10. Crown Ambassador Star Fund
  11. President Star Fund
  12. Crown President Star Fund
  13. Senior Crown President Star Fund
  14. Director Crown President Star Fund 0.25%
  15. Kohinoor Crown President Star Fund
  16. Special Meeting Fund
  17. Royal Annual Bonus

To get all these incomes, there are some conditions and goals, which are necessary to fulfill.

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What is BV, GBV and PGBV in IMC?

Before understanding all these incomes in detail, you have to understand BV.

BV means Business Volume. Whenever you buy a product from IMC, some points are given with it, they are called BV.

These BVs are used to calculate different incomes.

The BV achieved by all the distributors in the downline is called Group Business Volume (GBV).

In PGBV (Personal Group Business Volume) the BV of the distributor present in the downline is counted. But in this, if the level of Distributor in the downline is Super Star and his BV is more than 30,000, then his BV will not be counted in PGBV.

IMC Network marketing plan in details

1. Retail Profit

Like any other direct selling company, the first income in IMC is retail profit.

IMC gives the product to its distributor at a price less than the MRP i.e. Distributor Price (DP). Distributors can earn retail profit by selling these products at MRP.

IMC promises a retail profit of up to 30%, but it varies from product to product.

Retail Profit = MRP - DP

2. Accumulative Performance Incentive

This income is called a performance incentive, for which it is very important to have a distributor in the downline.

The most important level in this income is to understand. A level is assigned to the distributor according to his BV. To calculate the level, there is BV Accumulation, that is, all the products that have been purchased so far, get the level only by adding all the BV.

There is also a percentage associated with each level. You can see in the table below, which level is available on how many BV Accumulation.

AwardBusiness Volume(B.V)Profit Level
Star 11,00110%
Star 27,00115%
Star 325,00120%
Star 560,00125%
Super Star1,00,00130%

Similarly, all downlines also have some level.

In this, this income is available on both your own BV and downline’s GBV.

Suppose, this month you have bought goods worth Rs 3500 from IMC, then you will get 1000 BV in return.

Right now your current level is Star 4 i.e. 25%. So under this income 25% of 1000 BV i.e. Rs 250 will be given as a performance incentive.

To calculate performance incentive from downline, suppose you have two distributors A and B in your downline, whose level is 15% and 20% respectively.

This month both A and B have made 15,000 GBV.

So in this, first of all, we will subtract your level from the level of the downline and calculate the commission percentage.

You are currently at a 25% level and after subtracting from level A and B the commission percentage will be 10% and 5% respectively.

so according to

  1. 10% of A’s 15,000 GBV i.e. Rs 1500 performance incentive will come from A downline.
  2. 5% of B’s 15,000 GBV i.e. Rs 750 performance incentive will come from B downline.

All the direct downlines will get some percentage of their GBV as a performance incentive. But remember, your level should always be higher than the level of the downline.

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3. Leadership Bonus

Following are the conditions for availing of the Leadership Bonus.

  1. One should be at Super Star level, for which one needs to buy 1,00,001 BV.
  2. There should also be 1 Super Star Distributor in the downline.
  3. The PGBV of the current month should be more than 20,000.

After meeting these conditions, 5% of the BV earned by the first active downline is given as a Leadership Bonus.

Qualified Super Star Associate1st Leve2nd Level3rd Level4th level5th Level6th Level7th Level8th Level9th Level

4 -16. Funds

There is a total of 13 funds in IMC, which can be counted as separate income.

Except for the meeting fund, all these funds are drawn according to a formula. In which the monthly leadership bonus earned by himself, the total BV of the company, and the level and performance of other direct sellers of the company matter.

In the table given below, you can see which fund requires which minimum level and what are the conditions.

Sr. NoIncome NameMinimum Required LevelCondition
4Traveling fundSilver Star20,000 PGBV in 1 Super Star downline for 3 consecutive months
Bike Fund
Gold Star20,000 PGBV in 2 Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months
Car Fund
Ruby StarThere should be 3 Super Stars in 3 different legs, for 3 consecutive months
Meeting Fund

Ruby Star
There should be 3 Super Stars in 3 different legs, for 3 consecutive months
8House FundDiamond StarThere should be 4 Super Stars in 4 different legs, for 3 consecutive months
9Chairman Star FundChairman StarThere should be 5 Super Stars in 5 different legs, for 3 consecutive months
10Ambassador Star FundAmbassador Star40,000 GBV from 6 different Super Star downlines + own total 1 million GBV per month for 3 consecutive months
11Crown Ambassador Star FundCrown Ambassador75,000 GBV + own total 20 lakh GBV per month from 7 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months
12President Star FundPresident Star1,25,000 GBV + own total 35 lakh GBV per month from 8 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months
13Crown President Star FundCrown President Star2,00,000 GBV + own total 5 million GBV per month from 9 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months
14Senior Crown President Star FundSenior Crown President Star2,00,000 GBV + own total 10 million GBV per month from 11 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months
15Director Crown President Star FundDirector Senior Crown President Star2,00,000 GBV + own total 15 million GBV per month from 13 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months
16Kohinoor Crown President Star FundKohinoor Crown President Star2,00,000 GBV + own total 20 million GBV per month from 16 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months

To get these funds every month, all the conditions have to be fulfilled every month.

For example, if a director wants to get the Crown President Star Fund, then he has to buy 1.5 crore BV every month in the downline. That is, an average of 2 to 3 crores of products will have to be purchased in the downline every month for 3 consecutive months and the condition of 13 super star downlines including 2 lakh GBV will also have to be fulfilled for 3 months. After that, this fund is available from the fourth month and if 5 months are not able to fulfill the conditions, then this fund is closed.

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17. Royal Annual Bonus

In the chart below, you can see at which level what percentage of this income is received and how much GBV has to be kept as a minimum per downline leg.

LevelQualified LegsTotal GBVMinimum GBV
Required per leg
Co.’s BV
Turnover Share
Chairman Star
510 Lakhs60,0001%
Ambassador Star
630 Lakhs1,25,0001%
Crown Ambassador
Star Associate
775 Lakhs2,50,0001%
President Star
81.25 Cr.4,00,0000.5%
Crown President
Star Associate
92 Cr.6,00,0000.5%
Senior Crown
President Star Associate
112.5 Cr.7,00,0000.5%
Director Crown
President Star Associate
133 Cr.8,00,0000.25%
Kohinoor Crown President Star Associate163.5 Cr.9,00,0000.25%

After that this income is counted by applying the following formula.

Royal Annual Bonus = Specied Percentage of B.V’s of the Company’s Monthly Sale x Number of RAB Point Collected / Total RAB Point Earned in Company

IMC Products

Product wise IMC seems to be a genuine and good direct selling company.

Its product list is quite large, due to which direct sellers have more buying options.

Under MRP, IMC products are a bit expensive as compared to the market, but on an average, a discount of 10 to 30% is seen in the distributor price.

IMC is definitely better than most of the direct selling company in India in terms of product quality and price.

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