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Mall91 business plan 2021

Mall91 business plan 2021 | what is mall91

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Mall91 business plan: You must have seen the name mall91 somewhere. mall91 is such an app in which you do not have to do anything, just join people from mall91 to your downline. There is nothing like buying or investing in a product like a network marketing here.

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Mall91 App is a Social Commerce Platform created by ROVI91 INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED company and its entire plan is the same as it is in Network Marketing, that is why you can earn Life Time money by creating your network in it.

You will know that in many companies, you get money only for selling products, but in Mall91, you get money not only for selling products but also for joining people. If you join a person in this, if that person joins another person in Mall91 then you will get a commission. In this way, you will get money up to 15 levels. If any person out of that 15 levels buys products from mall91, then his commission will also be available.

What is mpoints in Mall91 App?

You also benefit a lot from mpoints, you can shop in mall91 app, 1 mpoints is equal to 1 rupee, you get to earn it in daily scratch card and you also get it by spinning the spin wheel.

Using mpoints, you cannot take anything absolutely free, mpoints can be used 50% or more to buy any product, you can buy that product by paying the rest of the money.

How to Earn Mpoints

You can earn mpoints by playing games, by putting videos, by posting posts, by reading news, etc. Sometimes we get these points on the purchase of any product.

Mall91 business plan

1. Referral income

The popular business plan of mall91 is to refer people. With this Mall91 business plan, you can earn up to 15 levels. You can see the commission up to 15 levels in the chart below.

NOTE: No matter how big your team is in the Mall91 app, you will not scratch the scratch card by opening the app daily and you do not spin the wheel, you will not be able to earn even 1 rupee. Because you are not an active user, you must do this every day to remain an active user.

2. Scratch card

You can earn 10-20 rupees a month by scratching the scratch card.

3. Turning the wheel

You can earn 10-20 rupees by turning the wheel everyday.

4. Play quiz

You can also earn money by playing quizzes in mall91 app. In this, there are 2 quizzes in 1 day in which you will get 1 rupee for playing every quiz, in this way if there are two quizzes daily then you can earn 60 rupees a month by playing quiz.

5. Share Product

If you share the link of the products of Mall91 app to anyone and they buy those products, then you will get a good commission.

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