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What is Rsgio24 Plan?

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This article has Rsgio24 review, in which information about Rsgio24 plan, company profile and product will be found.

What is RsGio24 Plan?

Rsgio24 is a product and service based network marketing plan.

Rsgio24 is managed by Rsg Trade And Services Private Limited, which was registered under MCA on 27 February 2019. There is only one director of this company, whose name is Rajiv Sharma.

As a service, the company provides digital marketing service and many types of online services like online recharge and etc.

Its head office is located in Kurukshetra, Haryana.

Money can be earned in Rsgio24 by completing daily tasks or adding people to it.

Registration Date27 February 2019
Head officeKurukshetra, Haryana

Rsgio24 Package

Can be connected to Rsgio24 as a direct seller, which is called a member here.

To become a member, it is necessary to have PAN card, Aadhar card and bank account.

Members can also be made from Free Plan and also from Paid Plan, in which some shopping has to be done.

One has to choose one of the 3 packages of Paid Plan.

  1. Silver package = Rs 124
  2. Gold Package = Rs.1000
  3. Diamond package = Rs 2400

One can choose one of these packages and become a distributor.

The amount of package they buy, the same amount is given in their digital wallet, which can be used to buy the company’s products.

On each product, it is pre-determined, on which product, how much money available in the digital wallet can be used.

Rsgio24 Free Plan Income

A total of 2 types of income are available under the company’s free plan, the information of which is given below.

1. Task Income

Some gift points are awarded for completing tasks in Rsgio24 and these gift points can be used to buy their products.

12 tasks are given daily by Rsgio24, on completion of which 6 gift points are earned.

This income can be found in large quantities by creating a downline and it is available up to seven levels of the downline.

From the chart given below, you can see how much income is given by which level of downline on completing the task.

LevelMemberIncome PercentagePoints (Per Member)

0.6 Gift Points are received daily for completing the task through the downline of the first level.

Extra Campaign Income

To get this income, some tasks of the company have to be completed, which keep changing from time to time.

A fixed income is fixed on each task and that income is received on completing the task. This income can also be received from downline.

Rsgio24 Paid Plan Income
Four types of income are given under Paid Plan, which are as follows.

  1. Self Task Income
  2. Team Task Income
  3. Lifetime Rewards
  4. Repurchase Income

So, let us understand all the incomes one by one in detail.

1. Self Task Income

6 tasks are given daily by the company and on completing them, the company gives different income on each package. On the chart given below, you can see how much Self Task Income the company gives in which package.

  • Silver package = Rs.6
  • Gold package = Rs 18
  • Diamond Package = Rs.36

2. Team Task Income

This income is available up to 7 levels on completing the task through the downline.

This income is also provided separately on each package.

From the chart below you can see what percentage commission is paid for completing the task by which level of downline if you are on Silver package.

LevelMemberIncome PercentagePoints (Per Member)

On completing the task through the first level downline on the Silver package, Rs 0.6 per day is available as this income.

The Gold and Diamond packages also have the same income percentage as the Silver package.

3. Lifetime Rewards

On fulfilling certain conditions given by the company, some gifts are given in addition to income.

For each gift a team of certain people has to be formed.

Following is the information about the rewards available in the Silver Package.

110e-ID Card + 1Pin(123/-)Online
2100Executive Bag + T-shirt
31000Goa Trip 2N/3D with Flight
410000Thailand Tour 4N/5D with Flight + Rs.50000/-
51000004 Lac Cash
6100000010 4 Lac Cash
71000000050 4 Lac Cash

As can be seen from the above chart, if you are from Silver package, then E-ID card and joining package value voucher is given once you get 10 downline in direct.

Repurchase Income

This income is available on own buy back and downline buy back.

Whenever a product is taken, some BV (Business Volume) point is given by the company in it, which is useful in calculating the repurchase income.

In this income, you get some percentage of the total repurchase BV of yourself and the downline.

This income is available up to 10 level downline and different percentage is available at each level. From the chart below, you can see what percentage of the downline is repurchased as percentage of repurchase income.

LevelPercentage at Level BV

If 5000 BV is repurchased through your first level downline, then you get 10% of 5000 BV, Rs 500 repurchase income.

Similarly, repurchase income can also be withdrawn from other levels.

Rsgio24 Products

Rsgio24 lags product wise, whereas for every direct selling company, products are the most important.

RSG Premium Pant Trouser

First of all, the product is very expensive and does not seem to be of quality in appearance. Some of the same products are available as packages.

It can be said that dummy products are being used here, whose actual value is very less.

The same products of some other companies are also being reselled by Rsgio24.

Rsgio24 Review

Of course our personal review is negative for Rsgio24. Actually Rsgio24 pays money especially for doing tasks and building big teams, but the income per task is very less.

You do not get even 1 rupee per task done by yourself and downline daily, so to earn even a little money from it, thousands of millions of people will have to join it first.

In the case of the same product too, it is absolutely not worth the suggestion. Because Rsgio24 is not a real product based company.

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